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Intreke Multimat Diamond

The camping mat created for comfort, durability & style!



The outdoor mat your adventures DESPERATELY NEED!

Enjoy the ALL NEW lightweight multimat, designed to provide your outdoor experience comfort, ease and style, whilst keeping the outdoors where it belongs and not bringing it inside. 

✅ Created with fall-through technology 

✅ Multipurpose use

✅ Durability for all conditions

✅ Simple to setup

✅ Breathability to protect the land underneath

Ethically produced with recycled materials to ensure we’re protecting the environment, whilst enjoying it! So whether you’re tenting, out in your campervan or caravan, enjoying the beach this truly is the perfect companion!

The Intreke Multimat Experience

Multipurpose Use

We created a mat that would allow outdoor lovers to use it for all types of scenarios, whether that be at the beach, by the river, next to your camper or wherever your outdoor location was.

Fall-through technology

Designed with a unique 3-woven technique to ensure space between each of the weaves allowing for easy fall through of dirt particles, eliminating any carrying through making it so simple to clean. Providing a practical boundary preventing ants and other creepy crawlies entering from underneath. 


Each mat endures vigorous testing to ensure it meets the standards of the toughest outdoor enthusiasts, catering to all their wildest needs.

Why Intereke?

Simple Setup

Created with lightweight material and a simple fold out process, it provides each user the ease to setup in just seconds! 


Create from recyled plastic, our mats our designed to allow you to enjoy the outdoors whilst protecting it.

High Quality Materials

Our products endure vigorous tests to ensure each product uses the highest quality material, to last all your adventures.

Customer Thoughts...

It's time for an Adventure.


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✅ Size: 2.4m x 5m
✅ Weight: 6.1kg

✅ Pack up: Folded (30cm x 30cm)

✅ Size: 1.8m x 2.7m

✅ Weight: 5.1kg

✅ Pack up: Folded (20cm x 20cm)